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Building Insulating Window Inserts

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In this workshop, participants will build low-cost interior insulating window inserts, made from simple materials, which can be used year after year.
We will demonstrate, provide instruction and assist homeowners (and/or renters) how to build insulating inserts for the windows in their homes. These removable and reusable inserts add two transparent layers to each window. This seals in air and reduces heat loss, saving energy and money.
In addition to leading the participants through the construction process, the facilitators will give a basic presentation on home heat loss and low cost weatherization solutions including energy audits, basic air sealing, duct sealing/insulation, different options for window treatments and locally available incentives and support available.

 Here are some of the steps that happen when creating the window inserts.
 1. The first step starts with taking measurements of your window opening.
 Measuring Windows
 2. Then you need to construct the frames and in order to do so you must cut the wood that is needed for the frame.

3. We use a simple joint screwed together to create the frames.
4. In this photo you see the tools used for applying the shrink-wrap to the frames. They include shrink-wrap, hair dryer, tape measurer, scissors, packaging tape gun, razor blade, and a double stick tape gun.
Weather stripping is put around the frames edges to create a friction fit.
 Once the window is finished it will fit snugly in your window opening.