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Work Parties

Work Parties are a way of creating a culture of co-operation. It is a way of coming together that is old. Since the first villages people got together to help each other get work done. An old fashioned "Barn Raising" of sorts

As opposed to workshops, work parties focus on getting things done for one or more of the people attending the work party.

We are currently organizing and facilitating two types of work parties.
--Neighborhood weatherization work parties and
--Building your own insulating window inserts work parties.

We are beginning to imagine the next types of work parties that we can organize. Currently we are researching
-Youth program "Empowerment through hands on education"
-Wooden benches/garden structures
-Grey water system installation
-Rain gardens
-Cold Frame/Green house construction
-Chicken coups

Please contact us if you are interested in participating or helping to organize work parties in any of the mentioned subject matters.